Overtime reduced by 50%

A sense of untapped production potential and expectation of an improvement in the bottom line led our customer to make an important decision to become more data-driven.

Kenneth Bech Sørensen

Project manager
kbs@nicholaisen.dk +45 86 92 47 11

Our customer experienced overtime on virtually all their production machines. It was a challenge that could be solved with the help of us.

The customer's production setup was 10 years old and thus not updated to the current products – this gave a gut feeling that there was an untapped production potential in the current production.

At the same time, the customer had a desire to invest in new production equipment, but lacked a valid data base to support this, says Kenneth Bech Sørensen, BI consultant at Nicholaisen.

In cooperation with Nicholaisen, the customer has developed a data base by setting up OptiCloud measuring equipment on existing production machines, where the preparation of reports and analyses describes the customer's production, including the calculation of NPC (Nameplate Capacity) and OEE (Overall Equipment Effienciency) right down to serial numbers.

The customer's production team has also been schooled in the LEAN mindset, which has given the customer important knowledge for use in the optimization work. Data is now actively used throughout the customer's organization, working with key figures based on valid data, which has resulted in them becoming much more data-driven.

The PTA/LEAN department at the customer has focused on internal optimizations in terms of the uptime of the machines, so that the time period during which the machines are in operation is optimised. This has paid off. They have halved overtime on half the machines, so that only 50% of machines are overtime. This means an increase in uptime of 15-20%, which has a positive impact on OEE.

"We will be so happy on behalf of our customers when we see a positive development of their business", adds Kenneth Bech Sørensen.

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