The right solution optimizes production all around

Our customer has already reached their 2021 target in 2019 with the right solution, which they have developed in cooperation with Nicholaisen, and has ended up with a more optimal production flow than expected.

Peter Haahr Larsen

Sales | Door and window industry +45 40 96 47 11

Our customer finds that their customers want larger windows instead of standard windows, and therefore the existing production facility should be optimized for this increasing need.

The customer initially wanted a better, more stable and flexible coating of the window components.

In cooperation with Nicholaisen, a solution to the challenges was developed.

As a starting point, the customer wanted to invest in a new primer system for basic painting of the windows to improve surface quality.

After a review of the entire production plant, it became apparent that it would be profitable to also invest in a new drying zone in order to achieve more efficient drying after impregnation.

The customer, in cooperation with Nicholaisen, found a suitable primer system for basic painting and a new top paint system with automatic colour change. The solution was also longitudinal, which strengthens the flexibility of the plant.

The new plant led to a shift from conveyor solution to flat track solution, which had a positive effect on the space requirements in production. This means that the woodworking and surface treatment is now carried out on one floor rather than two floors in the customer's production hall.

In the customer's production, very manual handling of the components took place. The new investment also optimised handling in that the customer had automatic capture installed at the waterproofing and primer system.

In cooperation with Nicholaisen, the customer thus achieved increased capacity and better logistics, which resulted in increased production. A side benefit was increased flexibility, as the conversion time between the different products in the coating was completely eliminated.

The investment has resulted in a saving of 4 men in production, and when a more uniform quality is taken into account, the new solution has added a considerable added value to the customer's production.

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