Unique collaboration makes a difference in complicated project

Our customer wanted to assemble his production of complex facade elements in one location. Through close cooperation with Nicholaisen throughout the project, the customer achieved his wish and set new standards for quality and capacity.

Jesper Denhardt Nielsen

Project Department Manager
jdn@nicholaisen.dk +45 86 92 47 11

The customer's production of complex facade elements took place in many different locations, but it was the customer's wish to combine the production in one common location and at the same time to produce a more uniform product.

The task was therefore to develop a brand new product in parallel with the purchase of brand new production equipment. The customer's overall goal with the project was to set new standards for quality and capacity. In close cooperation, we managed to find the right solution.

The project was in the very early stages of development when Nicholaisen came into the picture. Nicholaisen was already involved in the innovative part of the project, where product development and design of the production equipment took place at the same time.

Nicholaisen also had hands on the execution part of the project, which requires great flexibility, as continuous adaptation of the technique by several suppliers was required while commercial was negotiated.

With Nicholaisen as a link between the customer and several different suppliers, the customer's goal of setting new quality and capacity standards and wishes for improved ROI was achieved.

The best machines were selected for the task, which was then composed for a production line that not only produces complex facade elements, but also meets agreed capacity and quality requirements. One of Nicholaisen's strengths is to involve and cooperate closely with several suppliers and the customer for a common goal.

The entire project was executed according to our proven project model "Nicholaisen model", which ensures that we get to the end of the details of each phase of the project before moving on to the next phase.

The customer has not previously helped to develop a new product at the same time as investing in a production plant, but in cooperation with Nicholaisen they came to the end. The project resulted in the customer having both developed his new product, delivered a complete production line where the raw wood comes in at one end and finished complex facade elements come out in the other, while all the quality and capacity goals are met.

Right pick the first time

In order for you to be sure to choose the right solution the first time for your production, you must choose a partner who gives you competent sparring through an open dialogue with a focus on building common values.

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