Seek investment funds with efficiency measurement as the basis

Are you part of a group? Do you also need to start applying for investment funds? With the help of a plug'n'play Opticloud installation, you can get a solid data base that increases the likelihood of an accepted application.

Kenneth Bech Sørensen

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Being part of a group structure requires a lot of thought and discussion when it comes to seeking funds for investments.

We helped the customer producing plastic products with a solid data base that minimized risk and increased the likelihood of an accepted application.

The customer had a plate saw standing, which did not perform optimally, and it therefore had to be replaced.

We installed a plug'n'play Opticloud on the machine, and the figures showed that the machine only had an uptime of 20%. Along the way, it turned out that the time from the machine was spent finding items on the picking warehouse.

With this knowledge, the customer established an attractive business plan for a record warehouse with the expectation of dramatically increasing the uptime on the plate saw.

The client was given a clear picture of the good business in the investment and a solid basis for seeking investment funds in the group.

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Your Efficiency Partner

In order for you to be sure to choose the right solution the first time for your production, you must choose a partner who gives you competent sparring through an open dialogue with a focus on building common values.

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