Upgrade - a better alternative to new investment

An upgrade extended a customer's production facility by 10 years despite 14 years of operation already.

Bo Rasmussen

Sales | Service solutions
br@nicholaisen.dk +45 40 82 55 45

The customer was satisfied with his existing plant, which has operated for 3 shifts for 14 years. But as the risk of stoppages in the future got closer after so many years, it was time to upgrade.

In cooperation with the customer, we made a health report on the following:

  • Mechanical condition of the installation
  • Electronic condition of the installation
  • The approach to spare parts with a special focus on critical parts.


The conclusion was unequivocal. A light mechanical renovation and an extensive refurbishment of control components were initiated. The life of the plant has now been extended by about 10 years to an investment of about 10% of the original construction price.

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