Project management

We give you the security to get to the goal and fulfill our shared ambitions for the project.

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Project management creates security for you as a customer through a project from start to finish. It is a service you can buy in Nicholaisen, and it is entirely up to you and your specific challenge to determine the scope and timing of when we should help you.

Project management in Nicholaisen is first and foremost about getting to the goal safely and fulfilling your ambitions for the project.

In cooperation with you, we assess the necessary competences in the project in relation to;

  • To describe and define the overall scope and goal of the project work.
  • Levels of competence: data, engineering and security systems.
  • To define project team, organization, and reporting lines.
  • To define the project schedule.

At Nicholaisen, we believe that successful projects are about bridging, involving and putting each other in the best possible way. In practice, we flesh out your visions and expectations, motivate and ensure focus for machine builders, software developers and other project participants. This creates all the prerequisites for implementing it in your company and involving your colleagues and employees.

To ensure a high consistent quality in our project work, we have developed a stage gate project model that includes standardized phases and milestone meetings. We break down the overall goals into smaller operational sub-targets for you, so it's easy for you to follow the progress of your project.

Read more about the Nicholaisen model here.


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